REX-002 and Rex-003

REX-002 & REX-003

REX-002 and REX-003 utilise different cells and potentially have utility in patients’ sub-population that are not improved with REX-001 and other advantages. Rexgenero is developing these products with the goal of launching a portfolio of products able to successfully treat all patients with CLI

Rexgenero is conducting these Phase II clinical trials in Spain to evaluate the efficacy and safety in all patients with CLI
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REX-002 Clinical Trials

Phase II diabetes study

Use of stem cell tissue mesenchymal adipose cell regeneration therapy in chronic lower limb critical limb ischemia in non-revascularizable diabetic patients
Patient number: 38
Completion: Q4 2016

Phase II non-diabetes study

Multi-centre, open label, randomized phase I/II clinical of the use of mesenchymal stem cells from adipose tissue as a cellular regeneration therapy in chronic critical limb ischemia non-diabetes patients
Patient number: 30
Completion: Q1 2017

REX-003 Clinical Trials

Phase II diabetes study

Multi-centre, open-label, randomized and controlled phase I/II clinical trial of stem cells as therapy for critical ischemia in lower limbs in insulinized type 2 diabetic patients
Patient number: 48
Completion: TBC